The Lake Whatcom Management Program supports a variety of different programs and projects in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. Management activities in the Program are guided by five-year work plans that are organized around 12 program areas, including: land preservation, stormwater management, and community outreach, among others. In addition to these 12 program areas, there are several other programs and projects that are being implemented by the Lake Whatcom Management Program that are highlighted below.
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The implementation of the Lake Whatcom Management Program is guided by five-year work plans that are organized around twelve program areas. Introductions to the twelve program areas can be found in this section.
The Silver Beach Creek Pilot Project is a comprehensive strategy of capital projects, restoration activities, monitoring, enforcement, and public outreach aimed at identifying phosphorus-reduction strategies that can be implemented throughout the Watershed.
Learn how you can receive assistance and reimbursement for materials and professional services when you complete projects on your property that reduce runoff and pollution entering the lake. Sign up for the Homeowner Incentive Program today!
The Residential Stormwater Retrofit Program (RSRP) aims to reduce the amount of stormwater flowing into ditches and creeks by retrofitting homes with rain barrels. Ended June 30, 2011.
The Lake Whatcom Management Program is also implementing capital improvement projects in the Watershed to help reduce the amount of stormwater entering the Lake. Learn more about specific projects here.
Aquatic Invasive Species Program
The Aquatic Invasive Species Program aims to protect Whatcom County's natural resources, infrastructure, recreation, wildlife, and economy from the impacts of aquatic invasive species by preventing the introduction of aquatic invasive species to Whatcom County waters and by stopping the spread of established aquatic invasive species into new waters. Learn more about the Whatcom Boat Inspection Program here.