Flynn Street Reforestation Project

Project Area Map
Flynn Street Project

Project Overview: EV-0071

The Flynn Street Water Quality improvement project will transform Flynn Street between Electric Avenue and Lakeside Lane to provide stormwater treatment for Flynn Street near Lake Whatcom.  Work on Flynn Street represents the continued effort to provide treatment on all roads within the City Limits in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. The Flynn Street project will include extensive planting, allowing the native vegetation to capture and hold phosphorus. Additional piping and drainage structures will better manage roadway runoff as well as the addition of a stormwater treatment facility.  The new media in the facility, including phosphorus-removing filter cartridges, has been given conditional approval from the Department of Ecology as a phosphorus-limiting best management practice (BMP).

Project Details
  • Jurisdiction - City of Bellingham
  • Contractor - HB Hansen
  • Contract Amount - $140,000
  • Final Contract Amount - $130,000
  • Completion Date - October 31, 2010 
Project Area
The Flynn Street Water Quality improvement project is located in the Silver Beach neighborhood.
Project Manager
Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Bellingham
Phone: (360) 778-7900
Email City of Bellingham - Public Works