Public Access

Photo by T. Ward, 2018

Did you know...

Public access points are places where anyone can visit to swim, hike, paddle or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the Lake Whatcom Watershed. Providing public access to places in the Lake Whatcom Watershed helps the public to build a connection with this beautiful resource.

However, undocumented and poorly maintained trails and launch sites can result in significant impacts to water quality. To minimize these impacts, the Lake Whatcom Management Program aims to:

  • Reduce impacts from existing recreational activities in the watershed

  • Promote recreational opportunities that are consistent with water quality goals

  • Develop and improve trails, roads, and facilities to reduce impacts to water quality

  • Provide low impact public access opportunities

You can help!

Use public access points

By only accessing Lake Whatcom via designated public access points, you are helping to reduce impacts to water quality while maintaining access to this beautiful resource for future generations.

Parks and Reserves

Boat Launches and Marinas

*Inspections and aquatic invasive species permits are required for all watercraft operating on Lake Whatcom (Whatcom Boat Inspections).