Watershed Watchers

Photo courtesy of Kevin Thompson

The Whatcom County Watershed Watchers Program provides concerned residents and environmental stewards with opportunities to improve water quality in their community.

Pollution and flooding are serious concerns. Clogged storm drains, polluted water, and flooding are examples of problems that can be easily solved if caught early. Local governments have the resources to address these problems, but can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why your help is needed! Become a Watershed Watcher and join our growing network of community members who protect our local waterways.

No formal volunteer enrollment process or time obligation is needed. Just your year-round awareness of stormwater and other water-related issues that will be guided by our monthly communications and events.

Click the button below to sign up for our monthly e-news and check “Volunteer Opportunities” to stay informed of volunteer activities and events. If you would like to opt in to text alerts please fill out your cell phone number on the form.

Photo courtesy of Whatcom County

Reporting Stormwater Issues or Pollution

Help protect Lake Whatcom by keeping it clean and safe. Report flooding, erosion, and pollution to our online form.

Photo courtesy of Whatcom County

Keeping Storm Drains Clear of Debris

Learn about an easy way to help prevent flooding in your neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of Whatcom County

Picking up Litter

Join the Whatcom County Health Department "Adopt-a-Road" program to keep our waterways, beaches, and neighborhoods litter free.

Photo by Teagan Ward

Sharing Photos

Share your photos of Lake Whatcom, the surrounding forests and trails, and the people and wildlife that call this beautiful place home. We would also love to see photos of your volunteer efforts! Your photos may be published in Lake Whatcom reports or be used in education and outreach materials.

Participating in Events

Find out about upcoming events in the Lake Whatcom Watershed!